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The Moolman Family – Family Photographer Johannesburg

June 15, 2018

As a father of twins, I have come accustomed to photographing the special nuances and bond between twins. The relationship between twins offers a family photographer the perfect opportunity for funny, connected and unique photos. So I was so excited when I booked this family photoshoot with the Moolmans and their twin daughters. And looking back at the photos the twins did not disappoint! We met in Pretoria, even-though I am primarily a Family Photographer Johannesburg.

We met at a park in Pretoria, in the very late afternoon with the sun already setting.  With only about an hour remaining of good life I was worried I wouldn’t connect with the family and wouldn’t get the relaxed style I always go for. Especially because this was the first time meeting the family. But straight away from the first set of poses all my concerns dissipated. The parents were relaxed and easy going, and the twins were super cute and excited to have their photos taken.

My main goal with a quick shoot like this is to capture the unique bond between family members. Some families are more serious and dont like to be affectionate during the photoshoot, which is okay – so I just find other ways in which they bond. The Moolman’s were both affectionate and laid back. The one thing I noticed is that the girls are very funny and love to joke around, so I tried to capture that side of their personalities.

Bubbles are best

Bubbles! Its amazing how at every photoshoot without fail bubbles bring out great natural moments to photograph. You can see below some bubble photos. They were especially helpful also when I wanted to get the whole family in one shot with mom and dad having a moment between themselves. These girls were running all over the place so the bubbles gave them an activity in one place and allowed me to get them in the scene. The bubbles also adds visually to the composition of the photos.

Thanks Moolmans – I really enjoyed this photoshoot!

Johannesburg family photography of kids blowing bubbles while parents embrace Family Photographer Johannesburg family tickling session mom and daughter touching heads silhouette of a family dad, mom and twin girls lying down potrait of a girl with the late afternoon sun shining on her face twin girls fell on the floor while holding onto each other twin girls posing Dad is kissing mom while the twins kiss also sun at the back of this family in a park in Pretoria