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A Day in the Life of the Van Niekerk Family |Johannesburg Family Photography

April 23, 2019

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A few thoughts about my experience photographing Van Niekerk’s

This family that I recently did a day in the life, documentary family photography session for were full of love for each other and also full of action! 2 teenagers, a toddler and a baby boy gave me non stop the action to photograph.

As a photographer always on the prowl for great moments, what more could I ask for? They were PERFECT!

I was especially drawn to the dynamics of the blend of 2 teenagers with lots of attitudes and the cutest toddler and baby. I am always trying to capture the family dynamics and the personalities in my photo shoots. The Teenagers would fight a lot as siblings do, but you couldn’t help but notice the love they had for each other and they were also so loving and helpful to the two younger kids…

The oldest boy is very good at sport and very athletic which as you can see from the photos below created awesome action shots of him jumping around and doing summersaults.

Sometimes everything just clicks, I get lots of actions, lots of candid moments and a great rapport with the family… This was one of those!

family portrait while walking together
A family portrait that is not posed

My Favourite image and why?

Below is my fav of the session. Why do I like this one the best? The truth even though you see a lot of action shots from me, my favourites are usually the quieter moments and the environmental portraits…

However this was one of those moments that you don’t see everyday. I could see that the girl was poking a bit of fun at the cat and the cat was getting a little bit edgy. So I got down low waiting for a moment when the cat would do something out of the ordinary. And then BAM! I didn’t expect to catch such moment with the claws outstretched and also the amazing expression from the girl.

documentary family photography
Feeling sick from something she ate
toddler giving baby his dummy
Toddler loves her chips
Little girl trying to wet her sister
Portrait on her swing in the backyard
Sister kicking her brother on the floor
Documenting these sisters
Siblings tug of war with a blanket
brother wants his phone back from his sister while another kid plays with a ball
Cute moment of brothers and sisters hugging
baby brother and sister in an environmental portrait