Your Family Photographer


Documentary Family Photography

Stress-Free photography of your family!

It’s the easiest, most chilled photo session you ‘ve ever had. You just have to be yourselves and go about your usual day – I will find the beautiful moments

What is Documentary Family Photography?

Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life. - Wikipedia

Add Family to that and you have a new genre of photography dedicated to capturing your families everyday life as authentically and candid as possible.

That means that no one will tell you what to do or how to stand. So there's no posing.

But WHY?

There are many reasons why a family would want a Day in the Life session done in a documentary style. Here are a few reasons:
-Families hate posing
-Mom likes posed pictures but it's impossible to get the kids to stand still for a minute
-Families want to try something different
-You love my photos and see the artfulness of unposed images
-You want to give your kids a time machine to how it felt to be in your home. As time goes on this album will become more and more valuable to your children!
-Looking back at old albums, The images from your childhood that resonate the most with you weren't the cheesy portraits but the natural candid photos.
-YOU want to capture the LOVE you have of your KIDS and you're TIRED of trying to look perfect to everyone else in this new era of social media fakeness!

How does a Day in the Life work?

Think of me as your private photojournalist. I will follow your family around, whether it s at home or out and about - I will be there to capture the special moments that happen during your average day. Special moments you don't even realise are happening during simple seemingless mundane activities like kids brushing their teeth, eating meals, playing ball and even fighting with each other.

It might seem awkward at first having me follow you around with a camera in your face, but after a short time you won't even notice it and you will go back to your natural selves around me.

I am a big introvert so while I am quieter, I will still interact quite a bit with your kids and have chats with the parents throughout the shoot. So not only am I gonna be your private photojournalist but I will also be one of the family for the day.