Your Family Photographer


What if my husband doesn't want to be photographed?

Look I'm a husband too and I know how hard it is to be photographed! The great thing about documentary family photography is that there is no posing. It's my job to find the photographs while dad can just chill and be himself.

My house is a mess and we are so boring!

Forget about the mess! Really, it's time to embrace the chaos, the mess and just relax, because I want you to be yourselves and through this session, you will have photographs that your children will look back on in many years time and remember what it felt like to be in your home. The mess just adds to that feeling. Your families story is one of need to pretend to be something else.

But my kids really get out of hand! Tantrums and all that stuff, is this really okay?

Father of 5 kids here! All kids go crazy sometimes. Theirs usually at least 2 meltdowns in my household before 8 am! It's normal and won't affect the photoshoot.

Can we have some posed photos?

Yes, I actually also love to do posed portraits in a lifestyle kind of way. My 1-hour sessions are exclusively posed. It is a lot more natural looking though. I also do posed stuff for weddings and barmis etc.

So let me know if you want to incorporate posed and candid photoshoots.